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Blackcurrant Seed Oil - The Zero-Waste Oil That Helps Heal Spots

My Bright Spark Enzyme Oil is a great all-rounder developed for sensitive, spot-prone skin. I wanted to incorporate powerful oils that absorb beautifully into the skin. Upcycled black currant seed oil plays a big role in creating the serum-like feel, plus it's an oil that's great for all skin types. With an amazing fatty acid composition which helps with all skin issues, from dry flaky patches to oily and spot prone skin. 

Grown in the UK, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and the US. These dark purple berries are really popular in sweet food like ice cream, jam, juice and squash. My childhood favourite - Ribena! Did you know that Ribena was given to children after world war 2 to prevent scurvy because of its high vitamin C content? Once the juice has been pressed from the berries, the seeds are leftover and this is where the gorgeous oil is found. 

I always choose the highest quality oils, which also have super sustainable credentials and our blackcurrant seed oil is no different. Cold-pressed to retain the critical compounds that help to make this oil the powerhouse that it is. Plus, it's totally zero-waste, upcycled from the leftover seeds from juice and jam making.

Let's talk about the science behind blackcurrant seed oil. It's particularly rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. It's the fatty acids that make blackcurrant seed oil especially awesome. Containing an omega 3 called alpha-linolenic acid (EFA) and an omega 6 called gamma-linoleic acid (GLA). These are essential fatty acids (our bodies don't produce these acids and we need to find them from external sources). Studies have shown that topical applications of GLA from plant oils can help improve the health of our skin and repair the skin barrier. GLA has also been found to maintain the moisture levels in the skin, so if you're skin is very dry or even combination, this oil can help. 

If you thought oils are just for dry skin, think again! There are particular active compounds in blackcurrant seed oil that have an anti-bacterial effect which helps to reduce the likelihood of spots and blemishes forming. 

The deep purple colour of the berries comes from a phytochemical called anthocyanin. This is a potent antioxidant and can potentially help reduce the adverse effects of UV radiation on the skin. As we know, antioxidants help to reduce signs of ageing in the skin and bring back vitality! In addition, antioxidants help to heal the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation. 

So to sum up, blackcurrants are amazing berries whether they are in your ice cream or in your skincare. Here's just some of the skin benefits:

  • Moisturising - especially good for very dry skin
  • Anti-acne
  • Skin repair
  • Aiding in barrier function 
  • UV protection
  • Super sustainable and upcycled

Now that you have heard all of the wonderful things that blackcurrant seed oil can do for your skin, why don't you give it a try? You can find beautiful, cold-pressed and upcycled blackcurrant seed oil in my Bright Spark Enzyme Oil.

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