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From The Wild To The Face: What Is Wild Harvesting

There is a new trend in skincare that has emerged over the last couple of years. More individuals have been looking into cleaner skincare products. This has created room for a new trend of skincare, wild-harvested skincare. Wild-harvested skincare is beauty and skincare products made from wild-harvested ingredients. So what exactly is wild-harvesting?

If you ever wondered how your ancestors sourced botanical products such as fruits, herbs, mushrooms, or edible nuts. Well, wild harvesting is the answer to your question. Wild harvesting involves gathering plants from their natural environment sustainably and ethically. For it to count as wild harvesting the plants need to be sourced from an area untouched by humans. This means the area should not be cultivated, and no pesticides should be used to grow the plants. This way, the plants will grow unattended and untouched in their native habitat, depending on their surrounding ecosystem. This helps promote nature’s biodiversity and sustainability as the plants have to interact with other plants, animals, and microorganisms to assist in their survival.

This struggle to survive makes wild plants more resilient as they have to go through natural selection, where only the strong survive. This makes them more potent and effective, which, in turn, makes wild-harvested skincare even more powerful.

Thus if you are looking for a way to be more sustainable while still using quality beauty products. Try our wild-harvested skincare products from Wildefruit.

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