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Sensitivity + Me │ Simplify Your Skincare

There are so many skincare products available that your skincare routine can turn into a mammoth task. Cleansers, toners, essence, serums, moisturisers, spf, masks... the list goes on. By this point, your skin doesn't know whether it's coming or going. It can take up to 28 days for skin to show signs of improvement from a new product. This is slow progress. Also, so many factors affect our skin, from these topical products, to what we eat and drink, and stress has a big impact too.

If you keep adding new steps or switching up your routine then your skin could be in turmoil. The best thing to do if you have reactive or sensitive skin is to pare it back to a super simple routine.

Keep it clean. A gentle oil cleanser is great for sensitive skin as emulsifiers can cause skin to become dry or irritated by stripping back the natural oils in the skin.

Keep it hydrated. If you are drinking enough water, your skin should be able to hydrate itself. A top tip to keeping your skin hydrated is to "eat your water".

Keep it moisturised. A simple oil that's right for your skin type will keep your skin soft and happy. If you do suffer from dehydrated skin, apply your oil right after you cleanse, onto slightly damp skin. This will lock in that water.

Keep it protected. It's important to use SPF to protect from the sun.

If you have lots of steps in your routine, chances are you might end up with products that you end up throwing away. You might not see any benefit from that particular product, or you don't get round to using it before it's passed its best. By reducing your steps and really keeping an eye on what products are working for you, you can reduce the waste created.

Have a great day! Nicky x

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