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Why Wildefruit

 Meet the founder

Hi, my name's Nicky and I am creating Wildefruit Circular Skincare. I want to make skincare that uses low impact ingredients to give you the best skin and the best world.

Using upcycled ingredients that reduce waste, combined with those that promote reforestation my products take care of both your skin and your world.

I'm on a mission to prove skincare can be both sustainable and naturally effective.

Watch this space...

Love Nicky xxx

How we choose ingredients

Fresh cocoa pod cut exposing cocoa seeds

Supply chain is not a sexy word, but we love it!

And why wouldn't you when you can discover incredible ways of better supporting people and communities around the world, at the same time as finding ingredients that are great for your skin?

Our purpose is to leave the world in a better place by sourcing and supporting low and positive impact ingredients.

Circular skincare

Circular skincare means making responsible decisions in the way we make our products. This might be to protect the farmers who harvest the ingredients who need fair wages and safe working environments. Or the plants themselves to make sure they are sustainably harvested and protected. And it creates a circular economy using by-products from the food industry to reduce waste. Everything needs to be considered, right down to the packaging - how will its life cycle affect our planet?  

Each of these choices are carefully explored until we find the most sustainable and beneficial option. It truly is possible to have great skincare which treads lightly on the earth.