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Planet Promise

We see so many buzzwords these days like sustainable, green, eco and organic but often these words are unregulated and don't mean as much as you are led to believe. At Wildefruit we start every process by holding ourselves accountable and continue to do so at every stage of production, this includes everything from ingredients, packaging and advertising materials (even our branded jumpers!)

Here is a breakdown of my Planet Promise so far, but it doesn't end there and it never will, we strive to do more than just use buzzwords, we start from the ground up and want to make sure we truly protect the beautiful planet we live on. If we don't make ourselves clear, you can never truly know how much we do and how much is left to do, so thank you for taking the time to familiarise with the promises below and know that we are using them for clarity and transparency and not just a marketing ploy.


100% Planet Positive Ingredients

I only choose ingredients that positively impact our planet, here are the sources of our ingredients.

  1. Upcycled (minimum 50% in every product)
  2. Zero-waste - every part of the plant is used in some way
  3. Wild harvested - reduces deforestation and supports communities
  4. Processed in an eco facility which uses solar/wind etc. for power
  5. Palm oil and petrolatum free (100% forever)
  6. Vegan and cruelty free (obvs)

I'm always on the hunt for innovative ingredients that have the smallest negative impact and the biggest positive impact on skin, people and the planet. 


Reducing plastic pollution

Plastic pollution and packaging waste in general is a mounting problem. We will always use the best options available and I'm constantly reviewing and improving our packaging as more options become available to us. As a small business our options for packaging are limited but here's where we're at so far:

  • Aluminium

Our lids are made from aluminium which is infinitely recyclable and fairly energy efficient to recycle.

  • Glass 

The main bulk of our packaging is made from amber glass. Glass is the most readily recyclable material in the UK, it is almost infinitely recyclable and doesn't leach pollutants into the environment if it's littered.

  • Reusable pumps and pipettes

You can choose the option to receive a pipette or pump with our liquid products, this allows you to reorder without the pump or pipette next time and reuse it. As these are the only parts of our packaging which aren't currently recyclable we want to ensure we get the most use out of them as possible before the end of their life.


Shipping and advertising materials

It's easy to overlook the parts we don't often see, our shipping and advertising materials are made from renewable and fully compostable materials. Our paper products (shipping boxes, leaflets etc) are made from a minimum of 70% recycled paper and we stamp all the boxes ourselves! 


Thank you for supporting Wildefruit and all that it stands for,

Nicola x