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Our Ethics

Leave nothing but footprints.

We believe profits should not come above ethics. That's why we always aim to:

upcycled ingredients reduce waste Help reduce waste by using upcycled left over ingredients from the food industry, this not only reduces waste, but reduces the strain on farms that could otherwise be used for food production.
supporting communities through responsible sourcing Support communities through responsible sourcing, paying fair prices and buying from cooperatives where ever possible.
promoting biodiversity through responsible sourcing
Promote biodiversity by sourcing ingredients that are sustainably wild harvested, rather than farmed through a mono-culture. Many of our wild harvested ingredients are collected from the ground after falling naturally. Others provide a better source of income for the farmers than the timber would bring, this incentivizes the farmers to nurture and protect these precious trees rather than felling them.
reusable and recyclable packaging Use reusable and recyclable packaging so not to contribute to the ever growing problem of plastic pollution. We are currently using glass bottles and jars since they do not harm the environment should they end up there. We will continue to strive to find the best packaging solution.
no palm oil Say no to palm oil! With the ever increasing environmental crisis that the use of palm oil is creating we are finding sustainable alternatives.
handmade in the UK Handmade in the UK from the heart of the Cotswolds. 
natural and biodegradable 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients.
vegan and cruelty free
Vegan and cruelty free because animals are our friends.
So join the circle and let us know what you think.
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